Miriam Hahn

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Phoenix, AZ
Arizona State University
Cornell University
Plant-Forward Cooking, Nutrition And Wellness, Kitchen Tools
  • In 2017 Miriam opened a wellness practice as part of her YouCare-Selfcare wellness business teaching others to use food as medicine.
  • She is active in the community and spreads healthy food techniques to organizations through wellness and cooking workshops, teaching skills like how to cook plant-based meals.
  • Miriam does outreach programs in schools to help children learn about importance of healthy food.


Miriam is a certified wellness coach and offers 8-week wellness classes in addition to cooking classes. These classes include focus on food, exercise, sleep, stress, and environmental toxins and are offered in person and online. She has a background in graphic design and photography. She has been with Static Media since 2021 and is currently a recipe developer a and writer for Tasting Table. Miriam has a monthly column in the Arcadia news, a local publication, and has also been a consistent contributor to Brainz Magazine and Plant Based World. She offers hundreds of healthy recipes on her Instagram and has partnerships set up with many brands.


Miriam has a business degree from Arizona State University, is certified as a health coach from the Health Coach Institute and received a certificate in plant-based cooking from Cornell University.
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