Nikita Ephanov

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Dallas, Texas
Southern Methodist University
Cultural Exploration Of Regional Foods, Specialty Coffee, Spirits And Mixology
  • Empowered by travels to over 40 countries, Nikita loves exploring the cooking techniques and ingredients particular to a place.
  • Nikita is passionate about finding the best cup of coffee nearby, which has led him to interview some of the world's most recognized baristas.
  • He also loves to collect rare regional spirits, both for sipping straight and crafting into unique cocktails for his friends.


Nikita has written on food, coffee, technology, and travel for publications like Eater, Intrepid Times, and Sliced, as well as served as a staff writer for Cyberpunks and CoffeeGeek. His work focuses on inclusivity and cultural diversity, emphasizing food as a vehicle for the shared human experience. He believes eating someone's offerings is sensing their story through flavor: whether told by a remarkable chef or sung by the noteworthy voices of ordinary people. As a cook, traveler, and dedicated researcher, he strives to bridge the gap between the unfamiliar, trending, and accessible.


Nikita graduated with an applied mathematics degree from Southern Methodist University. While unrelated to food writing, he loves pursuing interdisciplinary perspectives and applying analytical thinking to food reportage.
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